First green data centre thermal management solution to debut in Hong Kong

NTTNTT Communications’ new data centre cooling technology will debut at Hong Kong Financial Data Center Tower 2 (FDC2) in December. The first green thermal management solution in Hong Kong will feature a new front-flow cooling system (AHU) designed to optimise both energy usage and cost of the data centre, increasing energy efficiency by more than 20 percent compared with traditional cooling systems.

The innovative front-flow cooling system, a custom air handling and Fay Array CRAH launched in partnership with Emerson Network Power, is designed to keep power consumption to a minimum while ensuring the data center stays online and is reliable at all time. This benefits enterprise users that leverage lower energy costs to build a competitive business edge.

“With power consumption accounting for a major operating expense of data centers today, we have recognised that enhancing energy efficiency would be a top priority when we incorporate a high density design within the soon-to-be launched FDC2. We are confident that our new AHU will change the way data centers are designed, and help our clients drive business performance by optimising costs in the long term,” said Taylor Man, Executive Vice President, Cloud Business Division, NTT Com Asia.

“The ground-breaking front-flowing cooling system is built on the foundation of our 10 years’ partnership with NTT Communications. It is a game changing technology that answers the call for data centre energy efficiency and effective cooling for enhanced performance,” said Por Lau, Managing Director, Emerson Network Power, Hong Kong & Taiwan.