Fujitsu announces new Xeon-based servers

Fujitsu has introduced its fully refreshed range of Xeon-based dual- and quad-socket Primergy servers and octo-socket Primequest business critical server systems.

These new servers are powerful and flexible, enabling enterprises to build secure, agile, multi-cloud data centres.

Featuring the new Intel Xeon scalable processors, the Fujitsu Server Primergy and Primequest business model server systems are designed for exceptional workload-specific performance and hardware-enhanced security. Built for trusted data service delivery, the new models represent significant leaps in I/O, memory, storage and network technologies.

On top of their powerful performance and efficiency, the next-generation servers are optimised with a rich feature set to suit the broadest range of application scenarios across a range of industries, including core and business-critical digital business processes and databases, hyper-converged systems, cloud and virtual environments, and data-rich applications such as real-time big data analytics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

“As businesses need to gather, process and store more data, they need to act faster and with more flexibility and agility. Servers are a crucial part of this digital transformation. This is why we have developed our new Primergy and Primequest system line-ups to offer a comprehensive portfolio of powerful server systems for all usage scenarios, company sizes and workloads – systems that are easily able to handle whatever performance demands you make of them,” said Olivier Delachapelle, Head of Enterprise Business, Category Management Data Centre at Fujitsu EMEIA.

Technical features include enhanced DDR4 memory modules and up to 6 TB capacity in quad socket Primergy server, flexible configuration options to support mix-and-match of storage drive bays with enormous capacity and the most advanced graphics processing units (GPUs) to further accelerate the most demanding high-performance computing, hyperscale, and enterprise data centre workloads. Connectivity is provided through onboard LAN for Ethernet, as well as DynamicLoM for extended requirements.

The Primergy CX400 M4 combines the density and efficiency of blade-like servers with the simplicity and cost efficiency of rack-based systems, and presents a versatile and future-oriented platform for building integrated systems and software-defined technologies. It is ideal for modular and density-optimised server infrastructures in virtual environments, and high-performance computing, cloud and hyper-converged network and storage environments.

The Primequest server pushes the performance envelope of SAP HANA up to 12TB of the in-memory database.

The new range of dual- and quad-socket x86 Primergy servers and octo-socket Primequest business model server systems are available worldwide from Fujitsu and via distribution partners.