Learn robotics at Udacity

Robotics is no longer just a hobby but serious stuff.  NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute is now working with online learning provider Udacity to develop a programme that will immerse students in the field of robotics, giving them career-ready skills.

Students in the two terms of Udacity’s Robotics Software Engineer Nanodegree programme will get hands-on experience developing solutions to tough robotics and AI problems. They will learn how to get their autonomous machines to understand the world around them, make decisions and plan next steps.

Focus areas include robotic systems deployment, localisation, SLAM, reinforcement learning for robotics, and path planning and navigation.

The programme culminates with students building a simulated home service robot that can map, localise and navigate while performing household tasks — moving from room to room autonomously.

Pre-requisites are a knowledge of foundational calculus, linear algebra, probability, statistics, basic physics and intermediate Python experience with intermediate C++, and knowledge of machine learning techniques (recommended not required).