CIARA to build AMD-based high performance servers for high frequency trading

High performance systems maker CIARA has announced that it will produce an AMD-based ORION HF server line, as well as customised Blockchain platforms, running on AMD’s high-performance processors, with GPU mining cards.

The systems will deliver state-of-the-art ultra-low latency, high-Frequency Trading and Blockchain solutions to an increasingly demanding audience.

“The early adopters of low latency accelerated server platforms were largely High Frequency Trading firms from Chicago, New York, London, and Asia. But with the adoption of new technologies such as large core count processors and the usage of ECC memory, the path for all financial enterprises to reap the benefits of safe hardware acceleration without compromising reliability is getting easier,” said Patrick Scateni, Vice President of Enterprise and Performance Group at CIARA.

“AMD is proud that the power, reliability, and security features of AMD-based processors, whether AMD Ryzen Threadripper or AMD EPYC CPUs, now join CIARA’s line up to help traders use complex algorithms to quickly analyse and detect emerging trends across multiple markets and execute orders with speed,” said John Morris, Senior Director and General Manager of Workstation Business at AMD.