Taiwan’s MOST and NVIDIA to collaborate on AI efforts

The MOST booth getting ready for Computex tomorrow.
The MOST booth getting ready for Computex tomorrow.

Taiwan is going big on artificial intelligence (AI) and its Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) will be collaborating with NVIDIA on AI initiatives.

Announced by NVIDIA Founder and CEO Jensen Huang at a pre-Computex press conference, the partnership will extend over the next decade to build up local deep learning and associated AI technologies.

“Taiwan was at the centre of the PC revolution and now it is investing to play an important role in the next era of computing. With the essential infrastructure and tools, the rich talent in Taiwan’s schools and industry will create world-changing breakthroughs in science and society,” he said.

Taiwan Premier Lai Ching-te expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, which he called essential to sharpening national competitiveness.

“By collaborating with NVIDIA, we will gain the expertise and technical platforms to train AI talents, build the strongest AI ecosystem of both software and hardware, and further reshape the world with our own technologies and services of AI,” said Premier Lai.

The collaboration is focused in five key areas — building a supercomputing infrastructure, research, training, nurturing AI startups, and innovation,

The announcement extends MOST’s “AI Grand Plan,” which was unveiled last year. Last month, MOST unveiled its Taiwania HPC supercomputer powered by NVIDIA technology. And last week, it selected NVIDIA for an AI supercomputer powered by 2,000 NVIDIA Tesla V100 32GB Tensor Core GPUs with access to the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) container registry of AI-optimised software.