Goodbye and good riddance, iTunes!

By Edward Lim

Apple’s announcement that it is killing of iTunes is music to my ears. It’s about time!

While the software may have its millions of die-hard fans, I’m one of its biggest detractors. iTunes is such a pain to use and irritating to the max.

My experience with iTunes started and ended when I was gifted my first iPod in 2004.

After spending hours ripping CDs and synching the songs to my device, I was thrilled to finally be able to show off my new 40GB gadget — that storage space is not much these days but it was ginormous back then.

I think I must have added about 20GB worth of songs.

The white headsets and the new toy made for some eye-catching moments.

However, iTunes was just around the corner, like a predator waiting to nibble at me.

Having enjoyed the fruits of my initial labour, I went about ripping more CDs to add more songs.

After I synched the new songs, I noticed to my horror that my originally synched songs were no longer in my iPod. Frantically, I searched the directories and thought that it could have been moved elsewhere on the device.

But, no, only the new songs were there. Everything else was wiped out. Gone were my hundreds of songs and many hours of hard work.

Turned out that this happened because I had deleted the original songs from my folder. I mean, who wouldn’t when PCs those days did not have much hard disk space? 20GB is a huge chunk of storage that needed to be freed for other stuff on my PC.

To me, that was it. iTunes was marked — for life! I have since used other Apple products — iPad and MacBook Air — but I have steered well clear of iTunes and its dangerous pothole.

Nothing like this has happened to my Android device.

So, goodbye and good riddance, iTunes. I’m glad that you’re history.

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