Singapore: Most ready for AI

As a city, Singapore is the world’s most ready for the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution, according to research firm Oliver Wyman Forum. London, New York, San Francisco, and Paris made up the rest of the top five with Sydney slotting in at 10th.

Seoul, Beijing and Hong Kong were ranked 16th, 18th and 20th respectively in the AI readiness index which covered 105 global cities.

The inaugural Global Cities AI Disruption Index rated cities on activation ability, asset base, growth trajectory, and vision.

With an overall score of 75.8, Singapore stands out for its vision.

“It has a whole-of-government view on how AI is to be deployed across the society and has a high-level steering committee for this. It is one of the few governments in the world to have developed an AI governance framework to address ethical dilemmas,” said Jacob Hook, Managing Partner of Oliver Wyman.