Fintech startup ABC Technology makes Singapore its international HQ

Singapore’s vibrant fintech community has scored another first with Beijing-headquartered strtup ABC Technology making Singapore its international base.The three-year-old fintech firm has created an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that automates the entire data processing cycle and transforms unstructured data to structured data for banks, finance institutions and large enterprises. By leveraging natural language processing technology, it helps finance professionals to make better and faster decisions, draw insights and maximise their investments.

“We picked Singapore as the base for our international operations because of its strategic location, leading position as a financial hub, language proficiency and maturity of intellectual property (IP) rights. Singapore practises sound corporate governance and is an easy place to do business,” said Mason Yang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ABC Technology.

The company will use its Singapore office to file and register patents for its IPs as well as the springboard to establish offices in Australia, Europe and the United States.

Its product line-up includes natural language processing AI for unstructured data extraction and automation; natural language deep search engine for unstructured and structured data; AI search based data mining and visualisation platform; AI asset management platform; for asset management investment research.

“Our solutions are being used by leading financial institutions in Singapore, Hong Kong and China. From our Singapore hub, we can work closer with our customers in the country and across the region,” said Tay Lip Sing, APAC Sales Vice President of ABC Technology.

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