Bespoke launches AI chatbot for Ginza subway line

Nearly one million riders on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line will now be able to tap on the capabilities of Bebot, an AI chatbot.They will be able to access naviation and useful train information all along the line using the appReal-time train status information, directions and recommendations for nearby tourist, and cultural spots are just some of the features of the newly-launched tool by Bespoke.

Bebot also helps riders to find barrier-free facilities at stations and receive transfer information.

For foreign visitors, Bebot provides useful information such as peak-times and delays everywhere along Ginza Line, one of the busiest routes which includes hubs such as Shibuya, Ginza, Ueno and Asakusa.

Bebot is easily accessible by scanning a QR code or a simple URL without downloading an app.

As they interact with Bebot, travellers will discover local attractions, landmarks and stores that they would have otherwise missed, thereby driving in-market spend.

By introducing and guiding travellers to lesser-known attractions along the Ginza line, hub traffic is spread across stations and attractions, alleviating the impact of over-tourism and increasing train safety and comfort for everyone.

Partners that deploy Bebot benefit from deep traveller insights that reveal customer preferences, revenue opportunities and trend analytics.

“Whether travellers are just trying to catch a transfer at the platform or exploring Tokyo one station at a time, Bebot gives them the info they need right away. “We developed our AI bot not just to guide travelers effectively but to help them to discover more and share with them the hospitality of a local friend in Japan,” said Akemi Tsunagawa, CEO of Bespoke.