Glue introduces VR-first collaboration platform

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are letting staff work remotely as part of the social distancing efforts. Collaboration platforms have become increasingly popular with many turning to the likes of Webex and Zoom. Finland-based Glue Collaboration has taken this a step further with the introduction of the next generation of its VR-first collaboration platform.

In Glue’s shared virtual environment, participants can come together to learn, share, plan, and create just like in a face-to-face meeting.

More than 200 organisations including HP, KLM, Microsoft, and Royal Dutch Airlines were involved in piloting this platform the past year.

Glue is now compatible with the highly popular standalone Oculus Quest VR headset, providing businesses with a more affordable and low-friction way for their employees to use the platform.

The VR collaboration platform features:

  • A new virtual touch interface that lets users perform tasks such as writing notes, creating whiteboards and making annotations in 3D;
  • File sharing system for sharing presentations, 3D models and images
  • A set of virtual spaces for effective collaboration including Project Garden, Lake Cubic and Clarity Island
  • An integrated camera that lets users take selfies
  • Extended keyboard character support, and new supported languages

Glue can be used for remote meetings, project scrums, virtual training simulations, product marketing showcases,  workshops, and more.

“Given growing travel uncertainties, new cost-saving imperatives and the climate emergency, the need for remote collaboration tools that truly emulate the experience of being face to face with others has never been greater,” said Jussi Havu, Chief Executive Officer of Glue Collaboration.

“Traditional audio and video conferencing tools fall short in providing such an experience as they lack true human presence and effective co-creation tools. Glue is a powerful alternative, and our new release provides the most feature-rich virtual environment yet for effective remote collaboration in both real time as well as asymmetrically,” he added.

Organisations that sign up for a demonstration of Glue before the end of March 2020 will receive a free two-week trial.