ABC Technology listed among IDC’s 101 fastest growing fintech in APAC

Yang: Listing an affirmation of market embracement and adoption.

Fintech startup ABC Technology has been rated by IDC as among the 101 fastest growing fintech companies in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan).

The IDC FinTech Fast 101 List named the fastest growing fintech players based on extensive on-ground analysis of the dominant fintech companies in 10 major 10 major markets – Australia and New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand.

The companies were assessed on fintech data across key metrics such as addressable market, customer adoption, investments, chance of survival, innovation, and marketing.

According to Mason Yang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ABC Technology, the listing is an affirmation that the company’s deep learning-based solution is being embraced and adopted quickly by the market, especially by forward-looking organisations that leverage leading technologies to stride ahead.

Founded in 2016 with offices in China, Hong Kong and Singapore, ABC Technology delivers innovative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that  help organisations solve problems that were previously impossible to solve.

Its machine learning platform automates the entire data processing cycle from collection using optical character recognition (OCR), extraction, search, analysis, and visualisation, to reporting from both unstructured and structured data sources. Using natural language processing and computer vision technologies, it helps banks, finance institutions and large enterprises to make better and faster decisions, draw insights, manage compliance, and maximise their investments.

In the next quarter, ABC Technology plans to roll out ready-made AI solutions based on its ABC AI document processing platform for the fund management, investment banking, private equities and commercial/retail banking industries in the Asia-Pacific region. These solutions help organisations quickly identify more profitable opportunities and better understand their positions with more accurately extracted insights from qualitative unstructured information sources.