More room for Facebook Messenger Rooms

Messenger Rooms available on groups and eventsLess than a month after Messenger Rooms was rolled out, Facebook has given this videoconferencing feature more room to grow by availing it on events and groups.

Group admins and members can create a Room in their groups and events and host up to 50 people at one go on a Messender video call.

The best part is that there’s no time limit, unlike Zoom’s 40-minute free accounts.

Members can also share a link to invite others to join their room, including those who are not your friends, a member of the group, or who do not have Facebook or Messenger.

Each group can host many chat rooms but the size limit is 50 per room.

Admins can determine if only they can create rooms or enable any group member to start one. And they also have the ability to delete any video chat in the group.

Facebook is also introducing a feature that marks a Facebook Event as an Online Event where people can better engage using Messenger Rooms.

People to invite family, friends and colleagues to hang out using easy to share and join video chat links. Again, the 50-person limit applies for each video chat.

Messenger Rooms in groups and events is available on iOS, Android, and desktop.

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