Driverless bus on trial in Tainan

Tainan has announced the southern Taiwan’s first driveless bus services under the self-driving bus programme of the city’s municipal government and LiLee Systems.

In the works are two trial services — a 6.4-kilometre route that will operate during weekends and public holidays, and a 2.9-kilometre route on weekdays. A commercial service will be rolled out by the end of 2020.

The self-driving bus comes with an integrated autonomous driving system capable of addressing all manner of road conditions by leveraging AI coupled with intelligent traffic signs and signals.

The system comprises six high-resolution cameras, four Lidar devices, high-definition maps, and 5G-enabled connected car technologies provided by LiLee Systems in collaboration with a Taiwanese team of Green Transit Company, Taiwan Optical Platform, HYA Company, HPB Optoelectronics, Iscom Online International Information, STARTRII CO, and FRED.

Autonomous vehicles could help solve urban traffic woes on the island. Transforming traditional buses into highly-automated vehicles enhanced by an intelligent management system can help improve operational efficiency, eliminate the need for manual operations and reduce deployment costs, while promoting environmental sustainability.