Supermicro and PFN build world’s most efficient supercomputer

A Super Micro Computer (Supermicro)-Preferred Networks (PFN) collaboration has achieved the top ranking for the Green500 semi-annual industry assessment.

The MN-3 reached a record 21.11Gigaflops of performance-per-watt on a benchmark run that delivered a total performance of 1.62 Petaflops. This efficiency achievement is 15 percent higher than the previous Green500 record of 18.404 Gflops/W, which was recorded in June 2018.

“Supermicro was excited to work with PFN on this exceptional system supporting machine learning and deep learning applications and energy efficiency. The Green500 international recognition confirms that Supermicro delivers exceptional products – resource-saving, superior design and high-reliability to the market,” said Charles Liang, CEO and President of Supermicro.

The customised server addresses a wide range of applications that require ultra-fast communications. The PFN solution is based on the Supermicro GPU server that utilises Intel Xeon CPUs, and MN-Core boards developed by PFN. This advanced system offers up to 6TB of DDR4 memory, and multiple GPUs or accelerators, as well as the interconnects that enable ultra-fast communications between GPUs.

“We are very pleased to have partnered with Supermicro, who worked with us very closely to build MN-3, which was recognised as the world’s most energy-efficiency supercomputer. We can deliver outstanding performance while using a fraction of the power that was previously required for such a large supercomputer,” said Yusuke Doi, VP of Computing Infrastructure at PFN, a Japan-based company that strives to solve complex problems that utilise deep learning, robotics, and other advanced technologies.