Ideal Systems offers Zoom Rooms device rental


Zoom is probably the breakout technology star of the pandemic. The videoconferencing platform has become a household name among workers and students alike as people began working and studying from home.

Building on this popularity, Ideal Systems is offering DTEN’s all-in-one Zoom Room videoconferencing device as a rental service in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The new service is aimed at businesses, government agencies and schools that want to roll out and easily manage Zoom Rooms. It involves free delivery of the device, installation and setting up of Zoom Rooms, including integration to Outlook or Google Calendars for Zoom call scheduling and room booking.

Zoom Rooms in a box

There’s no need for cameras, wires, speakers, and microphones as the device is like a “Zoom Rooms in a box”. It comes with an internal 4K camera that can track presenters and a 16-element microphone array that can focus on the speaker.

The device also features a touchscreen that functions as a digital whiteboard. Copies of the whiteboard can be emailed directly from the screen.

“Covid-19 has changed the global business landscape and how business is done by catalysing the adoption of videoconferencing in particular with Zoom. DTEN and Zoom have made it easy to deploy Zoom Rooms, and now our new rental model makes Zoom Rooms easy to afford, manage and support,” Fintan Mc Kiernan, CEO of Ideal Systems for Southeast Asia.

A free 30-day trial including installation and setup is available for customers before monthly rental charges start.