Fancy a smart backpack?

Put a technology giant and luggage bag maker together and voila, here’s the Konnect-I Backpack. Simply put, the backback (or rather two with diffeent designs) is smart and adopt ambient computing to make it intuitive for the user.

Based on Google’s Jacquard technology, the built-in tag in the Samosonite-designed bag responds to touch and movement. The capabilities are all on the left strap.

The Jacquard Tag is a tiny computer built that has been used in a variety of everyday items — a jacket sleeve, Saint Laurent’s Cit-E backpack and shoe insert in an Adidas and EA collaboration.

Using theJacquard app, users can customise gestures control according to actions. The strap can be programmed to deliver call and text notifications, trigger a selfie, control music or prompt Google Assistant to share the latest news. An LED light on the left strap will light up according to the alerts set.

Samsonite’s Konnect-i backpack comes in two designs: Slim (US$199) and Standard (US$219).