HGC signs MoU with CyberSecurity Malaysia

Hong Kong’s HGC Global Communications (HGC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CyberSecurity Malaysia to provide critical cybersecurity skillsets to Malaysia’s telecommunications industry and foster increased cybersecurity innovation.

CyberSecurity Malaysia is the national cybersecurity specialist and technical agency under the nation’s Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia.

Under the collaboration, HGC is tasked with provisioning its cybersecurity expertise including consulting, managed security services, engineering, risk management, cloud security, and advisory services. This will enable CyberSecurity Malaysia to boost its range of cybersecurity innovation-led services, programmes and initiatives to reduce the vulnerability of digital systems, and strengthen Malaysia’s self-reliance in cyberspace.

Cybersecurity cooperation

The MoU will cover cybersecurity cooperation in key areas such as telecom security, IoT security and threats intelligence. The exchange of information on telecommunication networks, ICT solutions and cybersecurity can further improve cyberattack readiness and prevention measures.

According to CyberSecurity Malaysia, between January and September 2020, Malaysia has recorded 8,366 cybersecurity incidents, including fraud, intrusion and malicious code — an increase of nearly 10 percent compared to 2019.

“Cybersecurity is important in a smart city as the infrastructure can be vulnerable and needs to avoid any breaches. HGC is dedicated to support cybersecurity for ICT and network initiatives, ensuring a secure and reliable digital business environment,” said Ravindran Mahalingam, SVP of International Business at HGC.

Dato’ Ts. Dr. Haji Amirudin Bin Abdul Wahab, Chief Executive Officer of CyberSecurity Malaysia noted that cybersecurity is a major concern for most industries and the vulnerabilities are rising at an alarming rate.

“Organisations today are beginning to complement their cybersecurity strategies with cyber resilience. CyberSecurity Malaysia is pleased with the collaboration between global companies such as HGC to develop sustainable relationships between government and industry as well as raising the level of readiness and resilience of national cybersecurity and its contribution to national economic growth,” he added.