AWS and BlackBerry to partner on intelligent vehicle platform

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and BlackBerry have inked a multi-year agreement on developing and marketing the BlackBerry IVY intelligent vehicle data platform.

The scalable cloud-connected software platform will help automakers create personalised driver and passenger experiences and improve operations of cloud-connected vehicles with new BlackBerry QNX and AWS technology.

BlackBerry IVY addresses a critical data access, collection and management problem in the automotive industry. With modern cars and trucks built with thousands of parts from many different suppliers, each vehicle model comprises a unique set of proprietary hardware and software components.

These components, which include an increasing variety of vehicle sensors, produce data in unique and specialised formats. Highly specific skills are needed to interact with this data, as well as the challenges of accessing it from within contained vehicle subsystems, limit developers’ abilities to innovate quickly and bring new solutions to market.

BlackBerry IVY solves these challenges by applying machine learning to that data to generate predictive insights and inferences, making it possible for automakers to offer in-vehicle experiences that are highly personalised and take action based on those insights.

Supporting multiple Operating systems

BlackBerry IVY supports multiple vehicle operating systems and multi-cloud deployments in order to ensure compatibility across vehicle models and brands. It will build upon BlackBerry QNX’s capabilities for surfacing and normalising data from automobiles and AWS’s broad portfolio of services, including capabilities for IoT and machine learning.

BlackBerry IVY will run inside a vehicle’s embedded systems, but will be managed and configured remotely from the cloud. This gives automakers greater visibility into vehicle data, control over who can access it, and edge computing capabilities to optimise how quickly and efficiently the data is processed.

With its integrated capabilities, automakers will be able to deliver new features, functionality, and performance to customers over the lifetime of their cloud-connected vehicles, as well as unlock new revenue streams and business models built on vehicle data.

“Data and connectivity are opening new avenues for innovation in the automotive industry, and BlackBerry and AWS share a common vision to provide automakers and developers with better insights so that they can deliver new services to consumers. This software platform promises to bring an era of invention to the in-vehicle experience and help create new applications, services, and opportunities without compromising safety, security, or customer privacy,” said John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO of BlackBerry.

“Through this joint effort with BlackBerry, we will provide automakers with the insights, capabilities, agility, and speed they need to thrive in an increasingly connected world. As automakers seek to race ahead in their digital transformations, BlackBerry IVY empowers them to build their brands and set the standard for connected vehicle services across the automotive industry,” said Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS.