Huawei opens health lab in Xian

The new Huawei Health Lab in Xian, China will give more than 40 researchers, engineers and developers the platform to innovate and create applications of new sports and health technology through smart wearables.

This builds on the success of the company’s wearables, including smart watches that have won acclaim for their professional fitness and health tracking functions.

“Smart wearables are tiny gadgets, but they bear big thoughts which guide consumers to a more scientific workout experience and a healthier life,” said Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group.

After nine months of integrating R&D resources and introducing new professional research devices, Huawei has created the new lab to further enhance research capabilities for their smart wearables.

The lab features an experimental smart wearable product testing area and a sports health innovation area.

“In the Huawei Health Lab, research equipment is not the only important element, but also researchers and their innovative research solutions. Together, this multi-disciplinary group of researchers and developers have combined and exchanged their expertise to create an innovative new research methodology, turning this laboratory to an innovative workshop to help consumers exercise scientifically and live a healthier life,” said Rico Zhang, President of Smart Wearable and Health Product Line atHuawei Consumer Business Group.

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