Hyundai Mobis buys Hyundai Autron’s semicon division

Hyundai Mobis has acquired the semiconductor division of Hyundai Autron for US$122 million.

With this acquisition, Hyundai Mobis will be able to design, develop and verify semiconductors for vehicles and differentiate its integrated control technology in the future automotive field.

It helps Hyundai Mobis overcome the difficulties of developing system-optimised semiconductors and verifying their quality as controller specification and semiconductor development were not integrated. The acquisition will allow the centralised development of semiconductors and controller on system basis, and boost synergy in semiconductor design and control system development.

Hyundai Mobis also plans to shift its focus on developing system semiconductors, power semiconductors and high-performance semiconductors with enhanced development capability in automotive semiconductors.

In the future automotive field, which encompasses autonomous driving and electric vehicles, the competitiveness of controller units depends on the performance of the semiconductors, which will lead to increased demand for semiconductors.