DigiCert’s new IoT Device Manager ensures end-to-end security

DigiCert has released the new IoT Device Manager that lets manufacturers embed certificates on chipsets at any point in the product lifecycle.

This addresses a major painpoint faced by manufacturers on provisioning certificates to devices during the manufacturing and assembly process. With the solution, they can install the digital certificates before or during manufacturing, or directly to an edge device, for complete end-to-end device security.

Built on DigiCert ONE, IoT Device Manager enables rapid, automated PKI deployment as a customer-managed, on-premises or cloud solution, or managed by DigiCert for any environment.

As manufacturers look for more device-level data and management capabilities, metadata on the device’s characteristics can be loaded into DigiCert IoT Device Manager to support full device management capabilities throughout a device’s lifetime.

“Signing is a critical component of strong IoT security, and manufacturers are continually signing a variety of programming elements to ensure the integrity of interactions with their devices, and the data coming from it. Together with assuring the identity of the device at the time of manufacture and enabling certificate requests directly from any deployed device, IoT Device Manager is part of a holistic security and threat response platform for IoT device security,” said Brian Trzupek, SVP of Product at DigiCert.