Neuron Mobility expands to Korea

Singapore-based Neuron Mobility is launching its fleet of safety-first e-scooters in Seoul, Korea on March 5. This is hot on the heels of the rental electric scooter operator’s success in three cities in Australia and New Zealand, and three cities in the United Kingdom over the last six months.

Some 2,000 Korean-spec e-scooters will be deployed to test and refine operations before scaling significantly later in the year.

Neuron’s launch follows the Korean government’s recent introduction of stricter measures for riding and operating e-scooters in light of the micromobility boom in many Korean cities.

With updated law on helmet wearing, Neuron’s Korean-spec e-scooter is fitted with an app-controlled helmet lock that electronically secures a safety helmet to every e-scooter, releasing it at the start of the trip.

“Now that new regulations are being introduced, as well as an increased focus on safety, we think it’s the perfect time to bring our safely-leading e-scooters, and collaborative ways of working to the city,” said Zachary Wang, CEO of Neuron Mobility.

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