Google to introduce multi-skin tone handshake emoji in 2022

If you’ve ever wished for a handshake emoji featuring two different skin tones, Google will make your dream come true in 2022.

The process to be inclusive in this regard started in November 2019 when Jennifer Daniel, Google’s Creative Director for Emoji proposed to Unicode the addition of 25 possible combinations of different skin tones shaking hands.

It took time to code each emoji with 2021 being the targeted launch date. But, COVID-19 discrupted the process with all Unicode deployments delayed for six months.

The multi-skin toned handshake emoji should appear in Emoji 14.0 in 2022.

“Every time we add a new emoji, there’s a risk it could exclude people without our consciously knowing it. The best we can do is ensure emojis continue to be as broad, flexible and fluid as possible,” said Daniel.

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