LintraMax and Merchantrade team up to enable cashless transactions for plantations

LintraMax and Merchantrade Asia are partnering to bring digital payment solutions to oil palm plantations across Malaysia.

The partners will introduce Merchantrade’s digital payment solutions to oil palm plantations that are currently using LintraMax’s Quarto plantation management system. They will collaboratento reach out to plantations’ workers to introduce them to the Merchantrade Money digital wallet.

Merchantrade offers cross-border money transfers, mobile money and electronic payments service that are supported by an extensive physical network across Malaysia. Quarto enables plantation owners to automate and glean data-driven insight to improve operation efficiency and enhance cost control.

“Currently, many plantations still rely on cash and cheques to pay employee wages every month. These methods are not the most efficient or safest, so LintraMax hopes to turn these methods of wages payment into digital, such as through the use of digital wallets. This is where Merchantrade’s expertise is crucial for the mission, and we are excited to partner with them,” said Khor Kheng Khoon, Founder and Managing Director of LintraMax.

“We believe that this collaboration is a definite step in the right direction and will indeed benefit the plantation management space and drive digital payments adoption as it not only benefits plantation companies but also directly impacts workers daily lives by encouraging digital experience,” said Ramasamy K Veeran, Founder and Managing Director of Merchantrade.

Photo: A plantation worker using QuartoConnect to record information