Baidu rolls out Apolong II autonomous minibus

Baidu is rolling out the new Apolong II multi-purpose autonomous minibus in Guangzhou Huangpu District, China.

Equipped with advanced autonomous driving capabilities and the latest in-vehicle smart cabin technologies, Apolong II is customisable for public transport, mobile policing, healthcare providers and other commercial scenarios.

It incorporates the latest self-developed autonomous driving computing unit and sensor system that is enhanced with two 40-channel LiDAR sensors that integrate millimeter-wave radars and surround view cameras. The refined sensor system can detect up to 250 metres, while positioning accuracy and overall responsivity have reached new levels to be measured in centimetres or milliseconds respectively.

The Apolong II utilises Baidu’s vehicle-to-everything (V2X) and 5G remote driving service, complete with dual redundancy to ensure safety and reliability. With seamless vehicle-road coordination, issues related to smart driving for individual vehicles can be reduced by 54 percent, while emergency braking situations at intersections are reduced by 90 percent.

An intelligent 55-inch transparent window display jointly developed by Baidu and BOE Technology shows the road conditions and autonomous driving technologies at work. Apolong II passengers can also use this HD screen to voice-activate and command its in-vehicle DuerOS assistant, having access to navigation features to explore the surrounding area for dining or entertainment recommendations.

The smart cabin featues a circular seating arrangement and dome lighting fixtures to provide an innovative yet intimate experience for users.

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