Informatica Cloud Data Marketplace delivers data democratisation

Informatica has announced the Cloud Data Marketplace that lets organisations share data, improve productivity and make more informed decisions.

Cloud Data Marketplace allows onboarding of curated data assets from any source, across multi-cloud and hybrid clouds. Organisations can meet increased data demand with an e-commerce-like user experience that helps data consumers find data sets, analytics and AI models that match their needs and meet governance requirements for their specific use cases.

The marketplace acts as a clearing house that reduces time spent finding and sorting data as data with “off the shelf” models and data sets that have been used elsewhere in the business and modify for their purposes.

“AI and analytics are supposed to drive innovation, but they can’t do so when they are starved of data. Data scientists and other data consumers are still spending the bulk of their time searching, sorting and cleaning data. It’s clear that the practices of the past won’t scale to the needs of the future,” said David Corrigan, General Manager, Data Governance, Quality and Privacy, Informatica.

“Informatica’s Cloud Data Marketplace addresses this business need with a cloud-native solution, enabling organisations to meet their internal data consumers where they are, with a self-service model tailored to their needs and technical skill level to drive data-led decisions and continued innovation,” he added.

Photo: AlphaTradeZone from Pexels

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