CYFIRMA introduces DeFNCE cybersecurity app for mobile devices

CYFIRMA has launched the DeFNCE cybersecurity app that helps mobile users be mindful of cyber safe habits such as setting a secure password, learning about emerging cyber threats, and being aware of cybercriminals targeting apps they have installed.

Threat actors and cybercriminals are viewing mobile devices as attack surfaces to carry out not just scams but also cyber espionage. CYFIRMA predicts that in 2022, cybercriminals will mount attacks to take over mobile devices and demand ransom knowing that many will succumb to the extortion tactics.

DeFNCE provides a safe browsing experience by using advanced algorithms to discover users’ digital risk profile and alert them to spying, phishing, ransomware, malware, and other cyber threats.

The app contains more than a million data sources to bring to the user’s attention on emails and passwords which have been stolen or leaked into underground marketplaces, specific hacking campaigns planned by cybercriminals to compromise banking and other sensitive apps, and help the user ensure the device settings adhere to cyber safe security standards.

Here’s how DeFNCE can help mobile users:

  1. Scan to check cyber risk level
  2. Keep digital identity and emails safe
  3. Ensure that the device’s configuration and settings are providing the best security
  4. Be alerted to cybercriminals targeting downloaded apps
  5. Stay updated on the latest cybercriminal activities

“The mobile internet and mobile apps are not just a place to check your email or watch cat videos on YouTube anymore, it’s also a way to find news, connect with friends and family, and do business on the go. But it’s also a wild west full of unknown threats that can turn your digital footprint into a real-world crime scene. That’s why we created DeFNCE to be that mobile device bodyguard for the everyday mobile user,” said Kumar Ritesh, Founder and CEO of CYFIRMA.

The app is available for download in both Google Play Store and iOS App Store.