Samsung launches The Freestyle portable entertainment device

Samsung Electronics has launched The Freestyle portable entertainment device that combines projector functionality, smart speaker and ambient lighting.

Weighing only 830g, The Freestyle can project on screens from 30- to 100-inch on any surface indoor or outdoor. With a white cylindrical form, it comes with three auto-adjustment features – auto keystone, auto-levelling, and auto-focus – that is easy to carry around and projects best quality picture even when camping outdoor.

Certified by OTT streaming platforms such as Disney+, Netflix and YouTube, it is compatible with 1080p Full HD resolution, PurColor and HDR technology.

In addition to being a projector for outdoor video streaming, its ambient lighting function transforms the device to create a preset lighting effect for more conducive lighting at night.

A variety of dynamic or static mood lighting, neon lighting, prism and scenes are available for special occasions such as birthday parties, receptions, staycations or wedding proposals. Users can project their favourite effects and save money from buying room decorations.

Available on Android and iOS devices, the mirroring feature enables users to project the mobile camera on a big screen to act as a workout mirror, effortlessly turning any space into an ideal fitness studio whenever needed.

Those who are keen to lay their hands on this HK$7,980 device may need to wait a little longer because it was sold out in just a few hours after the pre-order launch in Hong Kong in mid-April.