OQC to avail quantum computing in Equinix for businesses globally

Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC) will be installing a quantum computer in Equinix’s TY11 Tokyo International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre for use by businesses around the world.

It will leverage the Equinix Fabric on-demand interconnection solution to make its Quantum Computing as a Service (QCaaS) available by late 2023.

Once connected to Equinix Fabric, businesses will benefit from the ease of access to quantum computing as if it is on-premises. They can trial and experiment with the ground-breaking technology by directly connecting to QCaaS within their own digital infrastructure with greater security and ease.

It is expected there will be growing demand from organisations, with the technology set to support a wide range of innovations from drug discovery and development to risk management, banking and advanced manufacturing.

“The world has been waiting for quantum computing to mature to the point that it can change our lives. Quantum computing represents a major shift in terms of technology and process. Unlike traditional classical computers, quantum computers can crunch vast amounts of data at incredible speeds. The future is here, and we are setting the pace for the era of quantum computing,” said Ilana Wisby, CEO of OQC.

“Quantum computing has the potential to transform the way businesses solve problems both now and into the future, especially as our customers look for more innovative solutions. As the world’s digital infrastructure company, we are proud to enable easier, secure, high-bandwidth access to this pioneering technology to thousands of businesses around the world,” said Arun Dev, Global Head of Digital Interconnection at Equinix.

Photo: Manuel on Unsplash

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