DCH cuts integration cycle time by 70% with Boomi

Hong Kong-based distributor Dah Chong Hong Group (DCH) has adopted the Boomi platform to modernise legacy integrations and accelerate its digital transformation journey.

With more than 16,000 employees and operations across 13 Asian economies, it is continually evolving and innovating its overall IT architecture to strengthen service delivery and drive further growth.

Working with more than 300 global business partners, the distributor needs to house large amounts of important data across our application stack.

“Our employees need access to this data to gain invaluable insights about our customers, understand their needs better, and deliver industry-leading service standards. To accomplish this, we needed a partner like Boomi to help us innovate and achieve our digitalisation goals,” said Kenneth Chan, Enterprise Architect of Dah Chong Hong Holdings.

DCH’s integration objective was to establish a clear enterprise integration architecture and standard. This would ensure consistent streamlining of data and enable quick access across business units to support continued, long-term innovation.

On the advice of system integrator Laputa Technologies, it decided to implement the Boomi platform to enhance its systems. The digital platform enabled DCH employees to break down data silos and benefit from further automation. Different business units within DCH can now swiftly and efficiently extract data for reporting.

In addition to an intuitive, low-code interface, Boomi’s usage-based pricing model was a key reason DCH opted for the Boomi platform. DCH is able to gain the requisite scale to maximise the value of its integration objectives and accelerate digital transformation.

“Thanks to the excellent support from the Boomi team and their category-leading platform, we now have a robust integration platform as a service solution that cuts our average integration cycle time by as much as 70 percent, and is capable of supporting four to five application projects in parallel,” said Chan.

“In this competitive landscape, visibility and connectivity into the data shared between business partners and customers is critical to the success of any business. The Boomi platform enables DCH to maximise the flexibility, agility, and scalability of the cloud, break down silos across the distributed environment, and more importantly, unlock the power of data,” said Hon Chew Seetoh, Director of Asia at Boomi.

Photo: Edward Lim