ZTE announces cloud desktop integrated solution

ZTEZTE has launched a cloud desktop integration solution based on server and PC virtualisation technology.

The solution enables users to access the cloud desktop with the terminal laptop, pad, thin terminal, netbook/cloudbook, or PC any time anywhere, by combining high-performance computing and 3D design scenarios supported by the PC-based virtualised desktop and the mobile office, flexible computing, and highly-centralised management scenarios supported by the server-based virtualised desktop.

It supports network access, multi-screen interaction, and account and application data sharing on different screens. This integrated solution takes the technical advantages of both the cloud desktop and PC desktop, and overcomes the bottleneck in the deployment of the cloud desktop. Users can access the same data disk from any of the desktops as the data can be shared.

Enterprises can centrally manage applications, deploy applications by one-click, and release or destroy applications as required.

The cloud desktop can be used to save hardware and software costs of the management module, make the maintenance easier, and increase the maintenance efficiency. With the cloud desktop, users can centrally manage existing PCs that are used separately by setting the unified security policy.