Power limiting progress in mobile devices

Neil TrevettPower is a big limitation in mobile devices despite improvements in battery power, according to Neil Trevett, Vice President Mobile Content of NVIDIA.

“Power is the new performance limiter. Developers need to use acceleration to preserve battery life and high performance,” he said at NVIDIA Tech Talk at SIGGRAPH Asia in Hong Kong.

On the other hand, advanced mobile GPUs and new sensors are combining to make vision processing the next wave of mobile visual processing. NVIDIA is building a stack of advanced silicon, APIs and libraries to enable advanced mobile vision applications.

The theme of the NVIDIA Tech Talk is “Shaping the future of visual computing”.

Besides Trevett, other speakers on the opening day of the talk include Phillip Miller (Director of Advanced Rendering Product Management of NVIDIA), Samuel Gateau (Senior Devtech Engineer of NVIDIA), Ryan Erwin (Managing Director of Red), Wil Braithwaite (Senior Applied Engineer of NVIDIA), and Kinthy Khoo (Technical Manager of Autodesk).