NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 in time for Christmas

NVIDIA Tegra NoteFirst spotted at Computex, the NVIDIA Tegra Note is set to hit the shelves in Asia in December, with end November a possibility.

EVGA is already availing the EVGA Tegra Note 7 through NewEgg for just US$199 in the US. In the UK, ADVENT has started pre-orders for its Tegra Note 7.

From industry sources, Asia does not have to wait much longer — with late November and early December targets from different vendors, including HP and Gigabyte.

The seven-inch Tegra 4-powered gaming device comes with a stylus, great audio and a HDR camera. NVIDIA DirectStylus technology gives the tablet active stylus capabilities — such as fine point and broad stroke control and palm rejection — at passive stylus prices. It also comes bundled with apps for convenient, stroke-based note taking.

According to an NVIDIA blog post, the device’s camera uses Tegra 4’s processing power and the Chimera computational photography architecture to deliver features never before seen in a tablet camera. Tegra Note also brings to Android SmugMug’s Camera Awesome app — one of the top camera apps on iOS. Exclusive Tegra 4 features include tap-to-track and 120 fps video with slow-motion playback and always-on HDR (coming in a future over-the-air update).


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