Taxi booking app targets Hong Kong expats and tourists

TaxiwiseHong Kong startup Taxiwise Company Limited has introduced a taxi booking mobile app for expats and tourists in Hong Kong.

Called Taxiwise, the app provides passengers with an easy way to book taxi service in English or Chinese language.  For drivers, they get more quality orders without language issues, as the app automatically translates orders from English to Chinese.  Venues can book and manage multiple taxis for their clients with an easy-to-use dashboard.

The idea came about when founder Jean Marc Ly had an unpleasant experience while trying to hail a taxi. He was rejected  nine times as taxi drivers were either busy or did not understand English well. It inspired him and his two co-founders to develop a taxi booking mobile app with built-in translation, advanced booking and order matching functions.

“We have been doing research to understand the real needs of different key players including taxi license investors, drivers and passengers. Apart from the language barrier in communicating with foreign passengers, taxi drivers usually find it difficult to take orders that fit their routes and working shifts,” said Lawrence Tse, Co-founder of Taxiwise Company Limited.

Taxiwise app pairs taxi drivers seeking fares and passengers seeking taxis, in any area in Hong Kong around the clock. The passenger knows immediately which taxi is coming and the driver’s contact details, while the driver knows where the passenger is located, his/her destination and contact details.

Taxiwise Company Limited, a member of Incu-App Programme of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HSKTPC), has recently signed an exclusive advertising agreement with the Hong Kong and China’s largest in-taxi media company. The partnership will allow Taxiwise to reach more than five million taxi passengers monthly through the in-taxi platform and instantly access to a network of 3,000 taxis in Hong Kong.

Both the Android and iOS versions of the app are expected to launch in early December.


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