Evolution of IT shows

SITEX has just started in Singapore and crowds are expected to throng the halls at Singapore Expo for bargains — just like they did three previous times this year.

Singapore has four major IT shows a year and other than each event’s name, everything else seems the same. Exhibitors pitch products at bargain prices or bundle their products with goodies to entice visitors, who in turn, are looking to get the best deals.

It just looks like a quarterly IT sale held either at Suntec City or Singapore Expo.

IT shows didn’t used to be like that. While a couple started out as a sales platform, at least one show was the place where IT vendors introduced new products and took pains to demonstrate their solutions to visitors. But, over the years, leading IT vendors pulled out and now it’s becoming more consumer and not enterprise oriented at all. It’s all about selling, not educating or informing. The objectives have changed, the players have changed, and the show has changed.

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