New NVIDIA Quadro cards offer unprecedented performance

NVIDIA Quadro KeplerA new range of NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics products offers unprecedented workstation performance and capabilities for professionals in manufacturing, engineering, medical, architectural, and media and entertainment companies.

Built on the ultra-efficient processing power of the NVIDIA Kepler architecture – the world’s fastest, most efficient GPU architecture – the new lineup includes:

  • NVIDIA Quadro K4000 – A high-end card that delivers blazing-fast performance for graphics-intensive applications. Has 3 GB of onboard memory, multi-monitor support and stereo capability in a single-slot configuration.
  • NVIDIA Quadro K2000 – A midrange card that offers outstanding performance with a broad range of professional applications. Comes with 2 GB of onboard memory to hold large models and multi-monitor support for enhanced desktop productivity.
  • NVIDIA Quadro K2000D – A variant of the Quadro K2000, with native support for two dual-link DVI display connectors for interfacing with ultra-high-resolution medical imaging displays.
  • NVIDIA Quadro K600 – An entry-level card with great performance and certifications for leading professional applications. Equipped with 1 GB of onboard memory, comes in a low-profile design for maximum usage flexibility.

“With NVIDIA Kepler GPUs, we can create fully ray-trace rendered images of a bike before we actually build it,” said Nick Schoeps, senior engineer at MotoCzysz, a Portland, Ore., engineering firm that designs, builds and races custom electric motorcycles. “Previously we’d rely only on still renders or low-fidelity motion during design reviews. With Quadro Kepler, we can work with highest quality settings always on. That’s a huge advantage and something we hadn’t been able to do before. ”

The new cards expand the Quadro technology family – which includes Quadro K5000, Quadro K5000 for Mac, and the complete Quadro mobile workstation product lineup – to deliver an unmatched professional application experience, enhanced visual workspace and proven Quadro compatibility and reliability. 

“NVIDIA Quadro with Kepler architecture offers no-compromise workflow acceleration for customers with exacting computing and graphics demands,” said Sandeep Gupte, senior director of the Professional Solutions Group at NVIDIA. “Kepler offers a future-safe GPU solution, whether professionals are integrating more realism and physics into their manufacturing designs or dealing with the complex demands of 4K workflows in broadcast and film.”

“Our Kepler-based Quadro card driving the Premiere Pro Mercury Playback Engine blew away our Final Cut performance,” said Anthony Safarik, editorial supervisor at Stargate Studios, an award-winning production company in South Pasadena, Calif. “With the Quadro K5000 and Adobe Premiere Pro, we eliminated an hour of upfront rendering and another 20 minutes of rendering the linear effect on top of that. That’s substantial time savings, especially when a roomful of producers, directors and visual effects supervisors are standing over your shoulder.”

The new NVIDIA Quadro products are now available at $1,269 (Quadro K4000), $599 (Quadro K2000 and Quadro K2000D) and $199 (Quadro K600).

More than 150 leading software vendors certify and support Quadro-powered workstations, which have earned the reputation as the industry’s most recommended and best tuned professional graphics solutions. The world’s leading workstation original equipment manufacturers – including HP, Dell, Lenovo and Fujitsu, plus systems integrators such as BOXX Technologies and Supermicro – will offer new Quadro-powered workstations.

“HP Workstation customers are professionals at the top of their game, running mission-critical applications that require the best in performance, reliability and innovation,” said Jeff Wood, vice president of worldwide marketing, Commercial Solutions Business Unit, HP. “As the workstation industry leader, our graphics-intensive customers demand the type of high-end performance that the NVIDIA Kepler architecture provides.”

“Dell Precision workstations are Dell’s highest-performing systems with industry-leading dependability and smart design,” said Efrain Rovira, executive director, Dell Precision Workstations. “We are pleased to offer NVIDIA’s new range of Quadro professional graphics and provide our engineering and design customers even faster graphics performance to enhance their creative workflows.”

“Lenovo’s ThinkStation workstations embody power and innovation,” said Rob Herman, director of Product and Vertical Marketing, Lenovo. “With GPUs running on NVIDIA’s Kepler architecture, our customers across product design, medical research, architecture and more can now get their jobs done faster and better than ever before.”


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