13 HKSTPC partners win Hong Kong ICT Awards

HKSTPCHong Kong’s push for innovation has borne further fruits with 13 incubation and partner companies of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTPC) scooping a total of 15 awards at the prestigious Hong Kong ICT Awards. They won with innovations ranging from intelligent interactive advertising display and business solutions for retailers to self-powered smart sensors.

“Despite the keen competition from over 600 entries at the Awards, our partner companies have won two Gold medals, three Silver, two Bronze and several certificates of merits,” said Allen Yeung, Vice President of Business Development and Technology Support of HKSTPC.

“We are delighted that among the 13 awardee companies, six are our incubation companies that are still budding, yet have shown enormous development potentials.  Particularly four of them, namely Cenique Infotainment Group Limited, StampUp Limited, QBS Systems Ltd and Voloe Technology Ltd were only admitted to the Programme last year.  Their remarkable achievements proved our local technopreneurs are full of creativity and innovation, and that has further affirmed the value of HKSTPC’s Incubation Programmes,” he added.

The achievements of the four new incubation companies are:

Innovative Business Solutions Recognised
Cenique Infotainment Group Ltd and StampUp Limited are both recognised in the “Best Business Award” Category. With its intelligent interactive advertising display and analytics platform “IntelliAd”, Cenique has won the Best Business (Product) Bronze Award.  “IntelliAd” is an intelligent end-to-end signage solution for digital advertising. With “IntelliAd”, marketers are able to detect the gender, age group, viewing time and even mood of the audience.  The data collected can then be used to push targeted advertisements to the audience.  The solution also helps brand advertisers and digital agencies to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.  It can be easily customised to meet clients’ marketing needs.

Also recognised in the same award category is StampUp Limited, who has won the Best Business (Start-up Company) Bronze Award.  More and more Hong Kong consumers are engaging with brands in more than one channel, from shopping offline to connecting on social media.  StampUp’s leading product “Omnistream” allows retailers to capture this multichannel trend, engaging customers in a consistent and personalised way across channels; from physical stores to e-commerce, to social media.  Large retailers often have siloed systems that do not communicate between departments, resulting in an incomplete view of the customer.  For example, brands who engage customers on Facebook do not know the past purchase history or preference of their customer segments.  Omnistream’s pre-integration with most POS systems allows retailers to have a 360 view of the customer, improving segmentation and increasing campaign ROI by up to 300 percent.

Indoor Location-based System to Drive Sales
The incubation company, QBS System Ltd, has partnered with a telecommunications company in offering its Location-based System (LBS) app service on a secure cloud platform for retailers and enterprises via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.  The collaboration model among QBS, other independent software vendors and the telecommunications company have been awarded the “Best Collaboration (Service) Silver Award”.  With the indoor location-based sensing facility invented by QBS, whenever the app users (consumers) are in vicinity of the retailers’ stores, promotional messages such as product promotion, discount coupon will be sent to the consumers to lure their awareness of the brands.

Self-powered Smart Sensor to Save Energy
The incubation company, Voloe Technology Co Ltd, has won the Best Green ICT (Innovation) Silver Award with its “Green Powered Smart Wireless Sensor”.  The battery-free and maintenance-free sensor focuses on monitoring device operation.  The reduction in battery life will itself contribute to a cleaner environment while the monitoring device can be further deployed for environmental protection applications.  This technology is a joint effort between Voloe and ASTRI (Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Institute), both reside at Hong Kong Science Park.

Award winners

  Best Business Award
1 QBS Systems Ltd

(Collaboration Party in “Enterprise Solutions Superstore Alliance” (ESSA))

IncuTech company Best Collaboration (Service) Silver Award


2 Cenique Infotainment Group Ltd IncuTech company Best Business (Product) Bronze Award
3 StampUp Ltd IncuApp company Best Business (Start-up Company) Bronze Award

(In collaboration with Jardine OneSolution (HK) Ltd.)

IncuTech company Best Business (Product) Certificate of Merit
  Best Digital Inclusion Award
5 Starwish Little Prince Studio Limited

(in collaboration with Heep Hong Society)

Partner company at InnoCentre Best Digital Inclusion (Product/ Application) Bronze Award
  Best Innovation & Research Grand Award
6 City Image Technology Ltd IncuTech company Best Innovation & Research Grand Award (Postgraduates & Open) Silver Award
  Best Green ICT Award
7 Voloe Technology Co Ltd IncuTech company Best Green ICT (Innovation) Silver Award
8 Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Partner company at Hong Kong Science Park Best Green ICT (Innovation) Certificate of Merit
  Best Lifestyle Award
9 Applied Science and Technology Research Institute

(in collaboration with Active Learning Solutions Ltd)

Partner company at Hong Kong Science Park Best Lifestyle (Learning & Living) Gold Award


10 Starwish Little Prince Studio Ltd

(in collaboration with Tung Chung Catholic School)

Partner company at InnoCentre Best Lifestyle (Learning & Living) Bronze Award
  Best Mobile Apps Award
11 Cybersys Computer Ltd Partner company at Hong Kong Science Park Best Mobile Apps (Mobile Enterprise Solution) Certificate of Merit
  Best SME ICT Award
12 K -Matrix Digital Intelligence Ltd Partner company at Hong Kong Science Park, IncuTech graduate Best SME ICT (Product) Gold Award


13 Social Analytics (Hong Kong) Ltd Partner company at Hong Kong Science Park Best SME ICT (Product) Certificate of Merit
14 BizCONLINE Ltd IncuTech company Best SME ICT(Product) Special Mention (Business Support Solution)
15 Sengital Ltd Partner company at Hong Kong Science Park, IncuTech graduate Best SME ICT (Product) Special Mention (Technology Solution)