IDC: 3rd platform will drive China’s smart manufacturing sector

IDCIDC believes that IT vendors can leverage business opportunities created by China’s smart manufacturing policies, endeavours to consolidate relationships with governments and industry associations, and enhanced R&D innovation utilising 3rd Platform technologies (cloud computing, big data, social business, and mobility).

Smart manufacturing has been identified and supported by the Chinese government as the key field for further development. In line with this, the national ministries have released research that could drive the continuous construction of IT infrastructure in manufacturing enterprises. Next-generation technology architecture or 3rd platform has triggered clear demands from enterprise customers and created a thorough R&D ecosystem.

Since 2011, the Ministry of Industry and IT of PRC, along with the National Development and Reform Commission, have been releasing a series of research papers on smart manufacturing. IT service providers could identify potential business opportunities by analysing the subject directions and final approved lists.

In the process of developing smart manufacturing, the industry associations and alliances undertake tasks such as data collection, research evaluation and providing industry guidance. These tasks would in turn be reported to the national ministries, with the aim of supporting the subsequent promulgation of policies and measures.

Multinational service providers tend to focus on the intelligent applications of high-end equipment in the manufacturing industry, where profits are higher. On the other hand, local vendors have been gradually penetrating into that market by leveraging industrial capital support, demonstrating national and joint innovation of the ecosystem, and strengthening the competitiveness of solutions they offer.

In response to the growing demands of Smart Manufacturing, IT vendors need to continue improving the solutions of numerical controlling and intellectualisation. In line with that, IDC sees increased use in the industry of 3rd platform technologies.