Cellebrite introduces PC-based wireless retail solution

Cellebrite DeskTopCellebrite has introduced Cellebrite DeskTop, a PC-based version of its suite of applications that increase revenue, boost margins and improve customer satisfaction in the store and beyond.

Cellebrite DeskTop includes fast phone-to-phone content transfer, back-up, and restore, a fully automated phone trade-in programme, application content and delivery, and robust diagnostics to “detect and correct” phone problems, in an integrated solution running in a Microsoft Windows environment.

It reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by offering retailers the flexibility of running on a general-purpose PC, eliminating the added cost associated with dedicated hardware. Users will also benefit from unprecedented system performance, including fast content transfer.

“With the introduction of the Cellebrite DeskTop, we can now provide retailers the flexibility of choosing a software-based solution or a dedicated hardware solution, depending on their needs,” said Ron Serber, C-CEO of Cellebrite. “Customers who don’t require the stand-alone security and portability of the Cellebrite Touch will benefit from the same proven applications to boost retail performance, running in a high-speed Windows environment at a lower price point.”

The Cellebrite DeskTop solution kit includes Cellebrite DeskTop software, a USB phone connector with an integrated SIM card reader and Bluetooth, a complete cable kit, and a power supply.

The solution requires a PC with a 2GHz dual core or faster processor running Windows XP (32 or 64 bit) or later. The system requires a minimum of 1GB system memory and 10GB of free disk space.



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