China’s top five vendors grab 20% of the world’s smartphone market

CanalysSamsung and Apple grew smartphone shipment by 55 percent and 20 percent respectively to maintain first and second place in Q2, according to Canalys.

However, both lost market share to Chinese vendors as the top 5 China vendors (Lenovo, Yulong, Huawei, ZTE, and Xiaomi) now account for 20 percent of the  market, up from less than 15 percent a year ago.

Altogether, some 238.1 million units were shipped in Q2, an impressive 50 percent year-on-year gain.

Apple’s market share fell to its lowest level since Q1 2009, but its numbers were buoyed by the performance of its older models after a price cut.

“The high end of the market continues to grow but there is no doubt that the explosive growth will come from the low end of the market,” said Chris Jones, Vice President and Principal Analyst of Canalys. “Apple needs to respond to this dynamic and it is evident from the performance of its older models this quarter that there is real demand for a new low-cost iPhone. The challenge that it faces is maintaining high margins on arguably the most important products in its portfolio.”

Shipments in China grew 108 percent year-on-year, the second highest growth rate of the major markets, to 88.1 million. This represented over a third of all worldwide shipment.

The US was still in second place in terms of shipment, but geographically, India stood out, growing the fastest of the major markets by 129 percent to hit nine million and make it the world’s third largest smartphone market.

Platform-wise, Android grew the fastest during the quarter, by 79 percent year-on-year. It powered 190 million, or 80 percent, of the smart phones shipped in Q2. Apple’s iOS share fell to 13 percent as the vendor readies itself for anticipated new products in the second half of 2013. Microsoft’s Windows Phone shipment grew by 54 percent annually. This was driven by Nokia with 31 percent sequential growth in Windows Phone shipment, enabling Microsoft to retain a three percent share. BlackBerry’s shipments grew sequentially by 15 percent, also helping it to retain a three percent share. For the record, Q2 represented another nail in the coffin for Symbian, as shipment slipped under the million mark for the first time since Q1 2003.


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