Yippee, no more spam calls!

No need to hang up the phone anymore to avoid unwanted calls.
No need to hang up the phone anymore to avoid unwanted calls.

In the technological era, one of the most irritating things about being easily reachable is being easily reachable — by people you don’t want to talk to.

What compounds it is if you are travelling overseas, maybe halfway around the world, and you get a call in the middle of the night. Thinking it must be something important, you pick it up and get a pitch on credit line, loan, property, or investment. It’s a real head banger!

The Do-Not-Call (DNC) registry could not have come any sooner in Singapore. From today, those who want to stop getting unwanted calls can list their numbers on the national DNC registry. The registry will block calls, SMSes and fax messages from January 2 next year.

Even though it kicks in only 30 days later, the number of enthusiastic posts on social media shows how welcome the service is.

From January 2, a company needs to check its call list with the registry if the numbers are listed. Those listed who receive unwanted calls can logde a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC).

To get listed on the registry, go to the www.dnc.gov.sg, send “DNC” via SMS to 78772 to block calls, text  and fax messages; “DNC” to 78773 to block calls only; “DNC” to 78774 to block text messages only. Alternatively, call 1800-248-0772 to block calls, text  and fax messages, 1800-248-0773 to block calls only, or 1800-248-0774 to block text only.



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