NetApp introduces storage system platforms

NetAppNetApp has rolled out two new storage system platforms—the extreme-performance FAS8080 EX and the entry value-priced FAS2500. The FAS8080 EX lets growing organisations and service providers drive the performance-intensive SAN and NAS workloads while the FAS2500 hybrid arrays simplify operations, increase productivity through superior integration with ecosystem, extend system life, and minimise future costs.

Designed for demanding business-critical applications, the FAS8080 EX scales to four million IOPS of performance and offers advanced quality-of-service capabilities to enable predictable performance that meets or exceeds challenging service-level objectives. It can be configured either as an all-flash array with more than 4.6PB (petabytes) of flash storage or as a hybrid array with an industry-leading flash cache of nearly half a petabyte.

Additionally, the FAS8080 EX dynamically responds to growing data requirements with seamless scaling to nearly 70PB of capacity and more than 600 I/O connections, which are critical for service providers and large organisations that are consolidating workloads.

The FAS2500 offers expanded flash support to accelerate workloads by up to 46 percent and increase usable capacity by 48 percent. With enterprise-class data management capabilities, it harnesses the power of its patented NetApp Data ONTAP storage operating system to simplify data management across the entire enterprise IT environment—from the local office to the data centre to the cloud. Organisations can scale operations seamlessly as their needs evolve. Customers can also better manage acquisition costs while mitigating risk of disruption to business operations. They can reduce setup time and eliminate repetitive operations with software management capabilities that automate tasks with the click of a button.

NetApp is offering a 90-day payment holiday allowing customers to save while transitioning to the newest NetApp enterprise storage solutions.


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