Violin Memory boosts enterprise flash storage with data services software

Concerto 7000

Violin Memory has given enterprises a boost with its new Concerto™ 7000 All Flash Array, which comes with comprehensive data services software for synchronous and asynchronous replication, stretch metro cluster, storage snapshots, thin provisioning, logical unit number (LUN) and capacity expansion, advanced data protection, and storage scaling.

With these data services, enterprises and cloud service providers can have greater business agility, consolidate data centre resources and leverage new business opportunities.

Critical elements of Violin’s Concerto enterprise data services software include continuous data protection, WAN optimised replication and in-flight encryption that can all be configured on a LUN-by-LUN basis, giving enterprises the ability to tailor the solution to their unique deployment and data centre requirements.

The breadth and granular manageability of the Concerto 7000 software provides the platform for mixed and multiple workloads in enterprise and cloud environments. Based on Violin’s Flash Fabric Architecture, it delivers micro-second latency and lower cost-per-transaction for demanding mixed and multiple cloud, enterprise and virtualised applications.

The result for IT organisations and their line-of-business customers can be up to 20 times faster application response times while using 90 percent less floor space, power and cooling.

“The Concerto 7000 All Flash Array helps our customers deliver ‘Business in a Flash’, by transforming IT resources into competitive assets that create new possibilities based on the performance, data protection, and transactional capabilities we design into our all-flash solutions,” said Kevin DeNuccio, Chief Executive Officer of Violin Memory.

The Violin Concerto 7000 All Flash Array is now available worldwide. Raw capacity scales to 280TB in a fully configured, super-dense 18RU, low power footprint. Customers can also upgrade from their current 6000 series all-flash array solutions with the Concerto 7000 upgrade kit for the 6000 All Flash Array family.


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