HK retailers increasingly aware of video surveillance benefits

Axis CommunicationsHong Kong retailers believe that video surveillance has a direct impact on internal and external losses, according to a survey by Centre for Retail Research commissioned by Axis Communications

While about 96 percent of HK retailers agreed that CCTV has had a direct reduction on the level of internal and external losses they had incurred, only 58 percent are using surveillance solution to prevent theft.

Four in five respondents think they had reduced loss by a rate of 11 percent or more. Retailers also believe the use of CCTV in the premises can help increased safety and security for customers (77.8 percent) and staff (66.7 percent), similarly providing better evidence material (74.1 percent).

The top users of CCTVs are from health and beauty stores, electronic stores and supermarkets.

“The benefits of CCTV to the reduction of theft, increase of safety and security for customers and staff are obvious. It is especially true to HK retail industry where stores are selling high-valued goods. The crowded boutique in shopping mall are usually easy target for shoplifter and organised retail crime,” said Chris Cheung, General Manager of Japan and Hong Kong at Axis Communications.

When combined with video surveillance solution, CCTV is not only a matter of identifying individuals and objects in an image, but being able to generate effective business information about the area under surveillance.

Increasingly more retailers are using video surveillance to bring in more business benefits. The solution can easily be integrated with business intelligence analytics such as people and queue counting and in-store product sales level, enabling retailers to make better, and more informed business decisions.