VMware and NVIDIA preview NVIDIA GRID vGPU

NVIDIA_GRID_vGPUVMware and NVIDIA have announced that Airbus Group, CH2MHILL and MetroHealth are among the first to join their early access programme to try the latest technology for GPU virtualisation and virtual application and desktop infrastructure, ahead of its general availability.

Customers selected to participate in the programme have deployed a technology preview of the solution. They get to work directly with the engineering teams from both NVIDIA and VMware, and provide direct input about their experiences — influencing future products, training, documentation and services.

NVIDIA GRID vGPU technology allows multiple virtual machines to share the power of a single GPU to deliver rich graphics experiences with professional 2D and 3D applications. Combined with VMware Horizon, the technology can deliver a great user experience and the scalability that IT teams require for the most demanding users in their organizations.

“Airbus decided to implement virtual desktops to streamline end-user access and easily enable suppliers to access major applications supporting Airbus aircraft development. We’re strongly interested in using VMware Horizon with NVIDIA GRID vGPU to offer a scalable and cost-effective solution. The power of the combined offering will allow us to achieve even more efficient business cases,” said Philippe Muhlhause, Head of EE M&A Architecture and Standards at Airbus.

This is a limited access programme for organisations worldwide that meet certain requirements, including being a current VMware Horizon and NVIDIA GRID customer.

Interested parties can register for the programme at www.nvidia.com/grid-vmware-vgpu.


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