US$17,000 for a smartwatch?

Apple Watch availabilityHow much is one prepared to pay for the latest gadgets? US$3,000 for a high-end gaming notebook? US$1,000 for a top-of-the-line graphics card or smartphone? But, a smartwatch for US$17,000. That’s really over the top!

OK, it helps that its maker is Apple and that the world has been waiting for six whole months. Also, the Apple Watch will only be available in nine countries in April.

The Apple smartwatches come in three flavours — a US$350 entry-level Sport model, a steel model at US$500 and two 18-karat gold models going for US$10,000 (US$17,000 with a classy strap). At these prices, other smartwatch players can hold steady for now. For consumers though, let’s hope it doesn’t set a new benchmark for gadget pricing.


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