Selfie stick: Simple invention but extremely useful!

Selfie stickIn a world of technological breakthroughs, the selfie stick is a really simple invention. Somebody had the bright idea to stick a holder at the end of a rod and voila, the selfie stick was born.

And what an invention it has turned out to be. It has solved the problem of close up shots being really closed up, especially for the one pressing the smartphone button. Also, group shots would have been really tough with the presser looking really big relative to the rest of the folks.

But, it was only during a recent trip to the UK that I truly appreciated the value of the selfie stick. From the airport to the various tourist attractions, my wife and I could take couple shots without me having to look disproportionately larger or having to keep asking passers-by for their help.

Besides the convenience and having great shots, we also drew quite a bit of attention wherever we went. Surprisingly, we only spotted only one other tourist using a selfie stick throughout the two weeks that we were travelling. Needless to say, we had lots of people looking at us and quite a few stopped to ask us what we were using.

A retiree even came by our table at a castle in Wales to inquire about the device. He was thrilled by what he saw and we gave him a quick demo.

It’s not that the selfie stick is not sold in the UK. We found them available in several places, including at Primark.

To whoever invented this gadget, thanks so much! It made our day and helped us to capture precious memories of our trip.

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