Huawei and Volkswagen to collaborate on smart cars

Volkswagen LamandoHuawei and Volkswagen are working together on car connectivity. They have unveiled technology that integrates smartphone functions with vehicle-mounted systems and allows drivers to use those functions safely while driving at the International Consumer Electronics Show Asia in Shanghai this week.

The partners have demonstrated a series of apps that safely allow drivers to use GPS navigation systems, play music, send and receive messages, and make phone calls while behind the wheel. The apps support MirrorLink, an open technology standard designed to maximise interoperability between smartphones and vehicle-mounted systems. They cover multiple services including phone calls, SMS, navigation, multimedia, and payment that are all centered on smartphones.

“Our cooperation with Huawei will seamlessly blend the capabilities of users’ smartphones with the systems in their cars. All content on the phone will be shown in real time on the car’s infotainment touch screen. The result is smart and convenient interaction between phone and car,” said Sven Patuschka, Executive Vice President for Research and Development of Volkswagen Group China.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer BG, noted that vehicles are turning out to be the largest mobile smart terminals. With rich experience in vehicle-mounted smart devices, data, and cloud platforms, Huawei believes its collaboration with Volkswagen will give drivers a seamless entertainment experience while driving comfortably and safely.

The first locally produced Volkswagen model equipped with MirrorLink is the Lamando, followed by another locally produced Golf 7 with more models expected to follow. All imported Volkswagen products from the model year 2016 will be equipped with MirrorLink.

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