ZTE announces ultra HD 4K hybrid set-top box

ZTEZTE has announced its new ultra high definition (UHD) hybrid set-top box B820C-A10, which combines cable and OTT services and integrates with ZTE’s Smart Home 2.0 packages.

In compliance with the DVB-C standard, the B820C transfers DVB TS signals of UHD live content to users and can be deployed in the cable broadcast scenario. Equipped with the latest OTT technology, it supports interactive videos, downloads and installed applications of televisions. Integrated with the Smart Home 2.0 packages, it supports features such as video call and multi-screen sharing. B820C adopt the Android 5.1 system for compatibility with various Android applications.

The B820C’s 64-bit system architecture is built to handle complex algorithms with ease. With a dedicated design hardware decoder, it supports UHD stream decoding of up to 3840*2160, with frame a rate of 60P/s and 10bit colours.  Users can enjoy enhanced UHD and a stunning viewing experience.

The box utilises the advanced hardware decoding of H.265 (HEVC) video codec, which may save up to 50 percent more bandwidth than the H.264. The H.265 can deliver a better quality of encoding, helping operators end the bandwidth bottleneck and accelerate the development of UHD service. This set-top box supports the Gigabit Ethernet interface and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connection, with 2*2 MIMO antennas. The hardware easily connects to the internet and supports the Bluetooth4.0, USB3.0, which easily interacts with various peripherals.

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