5 reasons why I like the Pebble Time

Pebble TimeBy Edward Lim

Following the slow demise of my Garmin Vivosmart, I went searching for a replacement. With so many options of both activity trackers and smartwatches available — including the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S2 — I was spoilt for choice.

As the prices of smartwatches (OK, some) are really close to activity trackers, I decided to give smartwatch a shot. My main considerations were price (nothing above US$200), battery life and functionality.

After evaluating against my criteria, I decided to go with the Pebble Time. A fortnight after using the smartwatch and I’m delighted with my choice. Here are five reasons why I like it:

  1. Attractive price: I managed to snag a US$15 discount from Pebble’s website and got the Pebble Time for just US$134.99. That’s great value for money. Without the discount, the device is selling for US$149,99 — it’s still a steal in my mind.
  2. Long battery life: The official website lists battery life of up to seven hours. After using for a couple of weeks, I’m averaging about four days. Maybe it’s because of the notifications and settings but I’m fine with this duration between charging.
  3. Water resistance: Yes, for the times when I’m wear it in the bath or get caught in heavy rain, I do not have to worry about the device failing on me. So far, I’ve used it when bathing and it works perfectly.
  4. No touchscreen: This may seem like a backward move but sometimes, buttons do work better than touchscreen, especially a small one. I like the simple way that the four buttons work — they are firm, straightforward and do not take much time to get used to. As for the screen, it’s clear enough for use indoor or outdoor. Surprisingly, it does look brighter outdoors so reading time is no longer a pain.
  5. Simple but practical interface: Pebble kept the interface simple and I think it’s a great move for a smartwatch. Timeline gives a quick overview of activities. All the apps are readily available by pressing the up or down buttons. It’s easy to use — even for beginners.

My conclusion is that the Pebble Time offers great value for money without compromising on look or functionalities. It’s well deserving on its place on my wrist. I really love it!

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